Pesticides Manufacturers & Formulators Association of India
“Committed to Better, Safer & Ecofriendly Agrochemicals”


PMFAI seeks to enhance agriculture competitiveness by supporting the national generic industries as well as the commercial activities sensitive to the regional needs. PMFAI supports creative initiatives and endeavours of its Members through the following objectives :

  • To protect and promote interests of the pesticide manufacturers & formulators engaged in all sectors
  • To promote improvement or innovation in technologies of pesticides formulation and quality control
  • To develop technical research in the methods of application and use of pesticides and associate closely in the national programme for increasing food production in the country
  • To promote co-operation and exchange of information between its members
  • To promote harmonious relationship between members of the Association.
  • To subscribe, to become a member of or otherwise affiliate or co-operate with any other body in India or elsewhere with which the association has a common interest.
  • To keep members informed and to protect and promote their common interest in connection with the Central Govt., State Govt., or other legislation pertaining to the industry whether enacted or proposed
  • To protect the interest of the manufacturers & formulators in general, in any scheme for eg. allocation of raw materials, etc.
  • To enter, into arrangement, with any, State or Central govt. or authority, whether supreme, municipal, local or otherwise that may seem conducive to the Association’s objectives and to obtain from any such authority all rights, concessions and privileges which the Association may consider it desirable to obtain, carry out, exercise and comply with.


  • PMFAI is “Committed to Better, Safer & Ecofriendly Agrochemicals”
  • To Provide Environmental Protection Awareness
  • To Provide Personnel Safety Protection Training
  • To protect rights and interest of its members in Intellectual Property Rights
  • To adopt Fair Trade Practices and Ethical Competition
  • To guide in Safe Disposal of Packaging Material
  • To provide Training on Judicious use of Plant Protection chemicals and promotion of IPM


  • Education in New and Developing Technologies
  • Competitive Agriculture
  • Respect for the Country’s Mandated/Legal Regulations
  • Non-Abuse of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Safe Use of Agrochemicals
  • Fair Trade Practices
  • Improved Benefits to End Users Via Cost Reductions
  • Molecule Group for the development of new molecules
  • Export of agrochemicals


Pesticides Manufacturers & Formulators Association of India (PMFAI) is a National Association comprising of 200 Members across the country Committed to manufacture Better, Safer & Eco-Friendly Agrochemicals and helping India to become self-sufficient in food grains through safe and judicious use of Agrochemicals”

  • D-516, Crystal Plaza, Andheri
    Link Road,Andheri (W),
    Mumbai – 400 053. India.
  • +91-22-2673 4845
  • adeshpande@pmfaiindia.org
  • 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Monday – Friday)

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