Rules and Regulations

  1. There shall be a total of 8 awards Detailed nominations are required for all except for the Life Time Achievement Award which will be by Invitation only:

    1. Lifetime Achievement Award (By Invitation Only)

    2. Export Excellence Award   in Crop Protection Chemicals
      1. Large Scale Unit
      2. Medium Scale Unit
      3. Small Scale Unit
    1. Award for Outstanding Innovation
      1. Chemical Synthesis (Technical)
      2.  Crop Solutions
    2. Best Formulation Innovation
    3. Company of The Year Award
      1. Large Scale Unit
      2. Medium Scale Unit
      3. Small Scale Unit
    4. Best Emerging Company
    5. Social Responsibility Excellence Award
    6. Excellence in Stewardship
    7. Most innovative Marketing Campaign & Product Dev. Initiatives for Trade & Farmers
  1. Eligibility
    1. Any Industrial Unit directly indirectly related to agri input and Related chemicals in India either in the Public, Private, co-operative sector, partnership company can send in their nominations.
    2. The Unit may or may not be a member of PMFAI.
    1. Selection Procedure:
      1. A separate Award Committee is formed with an independent individual for deciding each Award, which will be called Award Selection Committee constituted by the PMFAI and an Independent Chairman alongwith min. 5 members from the Industry, University and Research Institutes /group of illustrious experts /personality from the Chemical fraternity.

      2. There will be a scrutiny committee who shall scrutinize the applications received and select nominations for outstanding achievements and forward to the Award Selection Committee.

      3. The Award Selection committee will select max. 5 nominations from the received application forms from Scrutiny Committee.
      4. The selected nomination forms will be then submitted to the Chairman of the Award Selection Committee who will select the winner.
      5. If any member of the Award selection committee is connected with the industrial unit or company to be considered for an Award the participation of such a member will be limited for the purpose of the award for which his company is not considered.

    2. The decision of the Award Selection Committee will be final and no appeal will be entertained.

    3. To encourage others, awards shall not be given to an awardee in the same field unless an interval of two years has elapsed.

    4. A company can apply in any two preferred award categories.

    5. The Awards Selection Committee formed by the Association may from time to time revise or simplify the criteria for the Awards

    6. Nominees may select their preferred award category; however, the judging panels have the prerogative to place the nomination in category that is of the best interests of the nominees.

    7. All sections of the nomination form must be filled. Please indicate N/A where appropriate.

    8. 10. All information provided in the nomination form will be treated with full confidentiality.

    9. The company must be incorporated in India

    10. All innovations should have been carried out in India from grass root level by the applying company.

    11. More than 51% of the ownership of the company is of Indian Origin and the company is registered with the appropriate authority in India.

    12. The company must be involved in legitimate businesses.

    13. For company with same owners, group proforma consolidated account is acceptable with the condition that the company or group should be in a single or similar business.

    14. The company must be in business for at least three (3) years (except for Emerging Star)

    15. A write up not exceeding 1000 words should be sent along with the application, describing the work done and contributions made for qualifying for the Award

    16. An entry form will be considered complete and valid, only if the following are duly completed and couriered to the PMFAI Office

      1. (FOR EXPORT CATEGORY AWARD: Certificate from CA for Turnover and / or Export Turnover or Bank Certificate stating the export turnover -CA Certificate certifying the export turnover for crop protection chemicals only

      2. Other relevant supporting documents or information deemed appropriate

      3. Duly filled Nomination form along with the enclosures as prescribed in the Nomination Form

    17. The organizer cannot undertake to return documents and/or supplementary material which are submitted along with the nomination form.

    18. Names of applicants, commentary and scoring information developed during the review of applicants are regarded as proprietary by the Award Selection Committee and are kept strictly confidential. Such information is available only to those individuals directly involved in the assessment and administrative process.

    19. The last date of submission of filled application forms is _31st August 2018, Entries received after last date will not be considered.

    20. The decision of the Award selection committee & Chairman will be final and no correspondence will be entertained by PMFAI in this matter.

    21. PMFAI will bring out special supplement in form of PMFAI- SML’s AgChem Annual Award giving details of nominated companies for award in respected category.

    22. The participants /nominees shall hold harmless & nor hold responsible the Chairman of the Award Committee, the Award Selection committee, PMFAI, its employees, the judges and any person directly or indirectly related to the Awards Selection, for any , claims, demands, costs, damages, judgments, expenses or liability arising out of or in connection with any or all claims that may be brought against the Awards Management by any third party in connection with participation in or winning the Award.

    23. If at any time, information provided by any participant is found to be incorrect in any manner, then the participant will not be permitted to continue participation for that particular entry, and the PMFAI will not be liable to return any materials to the disqualified entry.
    24. f PMFAI finds the information provided by the participant is incorrect in any manner, after conclusion of the ceremony, the participant will surrender his awards immediately on demand by PMFAI and the subsequent runner up will be declared as winner and the decision of the Management will be final. The participant will have no right to challenge the decision of PMFAI.

    25. The Awards Selection Committee has the sole right to disqualify any entries if the same is not in order with the terms and conditions specified herein or any further applicable laws, regulation/ or any policies that may be specified by the Awards Selection Committee

    26. By participating in the awards nomination, it is deemed that the participant has read all the terms and rules & regulations and has understood & accepted the same, which may be changed time to time.

    27. The selection process of the Award is not subject to review by any participating company & no communication will be entertained by the management.

    28. Participation in the awards does not necessitate the applicant to be winner in the respective award category

    29. The awards will be presented during PMFAI’s International Crop Science Conference & Exhibition.

    30. The Award-winning company will be invited to nominate the name of their representative to receive the award during the award function.

Judging Criteria

The AWARDS nominees are judged based on the following 5 Core evaluation


A. Business and Company
B. Company philosophies
C. Products, Services and Markets
D. Operations and Technologies
E. Financial Performance