Brief Success Story of “CAC INDIA SUMMIT 2010” Held on 22 & 23 November, 2010 in Mumbai

CCPIT Chem  CAC India Summit November 22 & 23 2010 at Hotel The Leela Kempinski, Andheri (East), Mumbai.
Combining the Synergy of the Agrochemical Industry    



The objectives of “CAC INDIA SUMMIT 2010” is aptly seen in the selected Theme, which combines the synergy of the agrochemical industry.

In “CAC INDIA SUMMIT 2010” there were few selected presentations from key experienced speakers from the industry from India, China and U.K. who had experience in Technology, Market Potential of each country and experience of registration in China and India. The presentation also included market potential and opportunity of investment in both the countries as well as joint ventures, contract manufacturing facilities, joint research programmes to be established for the development of new molecules. The details of presentations are included in the proceedings brought out on “CAC INDIA SUMMIT 2010”.

The B2B Summit was sponsored by following companies from India and China :

Platinum Sponsor:

  • Iprochem Company Limited, China

Gold Sponsors:

  • Kandla Energy and Chemicals Ltd., India
  • Honbor Industrial Co. Ltd., China
  • Excel Crop Care Limited, India
  • Sabero Organics Gujarat Ltd., India
  • Crystal Phosphates Limited, India
  • Jiangsu Fengshan Group Co. Ltd., China

Thirty companies participated in B2B Meetings and for the Conference there were 125 delegates from various countries. Other than India and China, there were delegates from Malaysia, U.K., Turkey, Lebanon etc.

The Summit was followed by site visit to factory of M/s. Rotam India Limited at Vapi, Gujarat.

The salient features of each presentation is incorporated below:

1. “India-China Task Force in Crop Protection R&D – Preparing the Group” by Dr. Alan Baylis

Dr. Alan Baylis has given –

 Vision & Road Map

 Research Strategy & Tactics

 Structure & Screening

 Pipeline & Portfolio Management

The details are discussed in the paper and on that basis, he has suggested to establish a Task Force comprising of experts in Oganic and bio-chemical industry, Chemists by Synthesis. As business in agrochemicals in India and China is mainly in generic products, it is the need of the hour to develop new molecules which will address future needs. Dr. Baylis has suggested guidelines such as –

– Random screening
– Natural products chemistry
– Research strategy in source of leads, rational design and molecular modeling as well as its analysis including that of Patent-busting “Me too”. He suggested that “Patent Busting” and “Me Too” has lower risk and can be first tried and can be considered as short cut for developing new molecules
– As both the countries – India & China – has bio-diversity, it can source natural products as bio-pesticides.

2. “Indian Pesticide Market and Trade Opportunities for Chinese and Indian Companies” by Prof. Omkarnath Dhar

Identifying the prospects of Indian Agriculture Sector, this briefly covers back drop issues like trends in Indian Agriculture performance Comparison of Indian Relative Economic Position and the Crop Protection trends and opportunities.

3. “Current Market Situation and Import & Export of Pesticides and Promotion Operation Model of Importing pesticides in China” Mr. Ding Zhaolong

Mr. Ding Zhaolong has presented all the details in his power point presentation, which is detailed in the proceedings published.

4. “Indian Formulation Manufacturing and Development Trend” Dr. P.K. Patanjali

Dr. Patanjali given in brief development of Indian formulations and manufacturing and development trends in India. He described various formulations, which are being developed –

Solution concentrates
Suspension concentrates
O/W emulsions
Seed treatments

The newer formulations are more effective, economical and eco-friendly.

5. “Pesticides Registration and Regulation Situation of China” by Ms. Wang Yiyan

Ms. Wang Yiyan, is Professor with Registration & Regulation Division of Institute for the Control of the Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture, P.R. China. She presented procedure of Registration in China.

6. “Indian Pesticide Registration” by Dr. M. Parthiban

Registration requirements in India was described by Dr. M. Parthiban, CEO, Lab LifeScience Intelligentsia (LIFE).

7. “Investing in India – An Overview of Tax & Regulatory Framework” by Mr. Rajesh Dhume, KPMG

Mr. Rajesh Dhume of KPMG had briefly described India’s transformation having now micro economic fundamentals, which encourages foreign investment, outsourcing destination, encouraging consumerism and importance given to infrastructure development. He described benefits of establishment of either branch office, wholely Indian subsidiaries or joint venture Indian companies and opportunities in India in various sectors including their benefits.

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