CAC Asia Summit 2012

Nov. 28-29, 2012

QSNCC, Bangkok, Thailand




Combining the Synergy of the Agrochemical Industry

With the initiation of CAFTA (China-ASEAN Free Trade Area) on 1st Jan 2010, the business activities between China and ASEAN countries step up to a brand-new level. In order to seize the opportunity of CAFTA and promote the technological & trade exchange between agrochemical industries of China and ASEAN countries, CCPIT CHEM has launched “CAC Asia Summit” on 28-29 Nov. in QSNCC, Bangkok, associated with TABA and PMFAI and supported by VIPA and TCEB.

Thailand is a traditional agricultural country, whose agricultural production has a strong dependence on pesticides. Pesticides in Thailand mainly depend on import, and her total pesticide value from China reached USD $ 300 million in 2011, ranking the second import country of Thailand. Market potential in Thailand pesticides industry is getting more tempting.

CAC Asia Summit Officials will invite officials and experts from Thailand, India and China to make presentations on registration, market and industry dynamics; and will be attended by 500 professionals including manufacturers, formulators, importers & exporters, traders and distributors from Thailand, China, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Indonesia, etc.






Vietnam Pesticides Association
Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau